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Painting Brushes


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Camel Artist Mop Brush 73 Series Set Camel
Camel Artist Mop Brush 73 Series Set Camel
15% OFF
DOMS Colourmate Synthetic Paint Brush Set Doms
DOMS Colourmate Synthetic Paint Brush Set Doms
10% OFF
Art Essentials Supremo White Hog Bristle Brushes Art Essentials
Art Essentials Supremo White Hog Bristle Brushes Art Essentials
5% OFF
Silver Black Velvet Round Brush- 3000S Silver
Silver Black Velvet Round Brush- 3000S Silver
11% OFF
Silver Black Velvet Round Brush- 3000S
From Rs. 965.75Rs. 1,085.00
Brustro Velve Touch Artist Brush Set of 6 Brustro
Brustro Velve Touch Artist Brush Set of 6 Brustro
15% OFF
Camel Camlin Artist Brush Series 68 Round Camel
Camel Camlin Artist Brush Series 68 Round Camel
13% OFF
Camel Artist Brush Series 68 Round
From Rs. 26.00Rs. 30.00
Mont Marte Signature Brush Set In Wallet Pack Of 11 Canvazo
Mont Marte Signature Brush Set In Wallet Pack Of 11 Canvazo
15% OFF
Silver Black Velvet Flat Brush Canvazo
Silver Black Velvet Flat Brush Canvazo
12% OFF
Silver Black Velvet Flat Brush
From Rs. 2,526.00Rs. 2,870.00


  • The paint brush sets for artists are a type of brush that is used to apply ink or paint colour on various surfaces such as stretched canvas, watercolour paper, metal, wood, etc. It is built using a ferrule by tightening bristles with a handle. These paint watercolour brushes can be used for multiple mediums such as gouache, acrylic, oil, crafts, watercolour, oil painting, etc.

      • Acrylic paint brush sets are meant only for acrylic paintings; do not use watercolour brushes with acrylic paints, else they will get damaged. Purchase Princeton Brushes, Winsor and Newton Cotman Brushes, etc., if you are looking for affordable, durable & reliable acrylic paint brush sets as a beginner artist. Acrylic painting brushes are available in various styles, colours, and sizes to meet the unique requirements of artists and students.

          • At our online Canvazo art supplies store, you will only find premium quality paint brush sets for artists. Such best paint brush sets have easel stands, portable cases, and ergonomic handles. The best part is using these paintbrushes can be flawlessly used on stretched canvas, drawing paper, or other preferred mediums. They are durable, which means they will work well for months or years to come if you take proper care of them.

          Arts & Crafts:

            • Whether it is a watercolour paint brush set or an oil paint brush set, you can use them for painting stretched canvas, drawing sheets, and various other craft items. It has a smooth & versatile flow, so every desired field of the surface gets perfectly coloured.

            Types of Paint Brush Sets:

            • There are generally multiple types of paint brush sets. But, the most in-demand by professional artists are
              1. Flat Brush,
              2. Round Brush,
              3. Fan Brush,
              4. Liner Brush,
              5. Filbert Brushes,
              6. Wash Paint Brushes or Mop Brushes.

              • Besides this, you will find different types of brushes on the market, such as
                1. Miniature Brush,
                2. Angle shader Brushes,
                3. Spotter Brush,
                4. Acrylic Painting Brushes,
                5. Watercolour Brushes,
                6. Oil Painting Brushes,
                7. Hog Hair Brushes,
                8. Natural Hair Brushes,
                9. White Bristle Brushes,
                10. Nylon Brushes,
                11. Flagged Brushes,
                12. Synthetic Hair Brushes, or Taklon Hair Brushes, etc.

                • All such paint brushes can be purchased based on the unique artistic requirements of the art enthusiast. Not every brush is meant for every type of artistic creativity, and subsequently, you need to dig into the task that you want to accomplish, and accordingly, you can purchase the paint brush sets. The medium of paint will also decide which brushes you choose. For example, watercolours will require natural hair brushes and mop brushes, acrylics will need synthetic hair or taklon hair brushes, and oil painting will need hog hair brushes. The shape of the brush and size will completely depend on what is being painted.

                Brands of Paint Brush Sets:

                • In general, there are multiple brands of paint brush sets available on the market today. At our online Canvazo art supply store, we offer the best paintbrush sets only from top-notch brands.

                    • These brands include
                      1. Camel Brushes,
                      2. Pidilite Fevicryl Fineart Brushes,
                      3. Canvazo Brushes,
                      4. Brustro Brushes,
                      5. Princeton Brushes,
                      6. Doms Brushes,
                      7. Winsor and Newton Cotman Brushes
                      8. Silver Black Watercolour Brushes,
                      9. Art Essentials Brushes,
                      10. Brustro Paint Brush Set.

                    Camel Brushes:

                    • Camel Camlin synthetic paint brush sets ( 66, 67, 68, 69 series) for artists are best for Water, Acrylic, and Poster Colouring. This brush is versatile and is an amalgamation of a round and flat brush. It allows a smooth blending of colours and creates perfect strokes. They have white bristle brushes also for oil painting.

                    Pidilite Fevicryl Fineart Brushes:

                    • Pidilite Fevicryl Fineart synthetic brush sets have aluminum-ferrules saving the brushes from unnecessary poking out from its handle. These brushes are well suited for multiple activities such as watercolours, Gouache, and acrylic-based painting.

                    Canvazo Brushes:

                    • Canvazo grey bristle watercolour paint brush sets are well known to have synthetic hairs, plastic handles and require only one step cleaning process. Canvazo synthetic brushes work amazingly well with acrylic paints, gouache paints, watercolour paints and oil paints. They also have hog hair brushes for your oil painting needs.

                    Brustro Brushes:

                    • Brustro watercolour paint brush sets have a compact size, precise points, ergonomic grips, high durability, and synthetic bristles. Brustro has multiple sets available for watercolours, acrylics, and oils.

                    Doms Brushes:

                    • Doms brushes are designed for various painting styles and are well known for their durability. They are easy to clean and have a comfortable grip due to the wooden handle.


                    1. Which brand offers the best paint brush sets?

                    Ans - Some brands offering top-notch paint brush sets are Canvazo, Camel, Pidilite, Brustro, Princeton, Doms, etc.

                    2. In what shapes the artist-grade paint brushes are available?

                    Ans - The artist-grade paint brushes are available in varied shapes such as Wash, Round, Fan, Angular Wash, Liner, etc.

                    3. Explain the different parts of watercolour paint brush sets.

                    Ans - Here are the different parts of Watercolour Brushes:

                    • Bristles: Bristles are nothing but the hairs of the brush. It can be synthetic, natural, or a combination of these two.
                    • Crimp: Crimp is the portion of a ferrule that holds the handle.
                    • Ferrule: Ferrule is the silvery part whose work is to join the bristles to the handle of a brush.
                    • Handle: Handles are generally made either from acrylic or wood.

                    4. How to choose the best suitable oil paint brush sets for oil painting?

                    Ans - If you want to do oil painting, choose large bristle brushes to cover the area & wash them later. For other detailing, you can prefer choosing the mid-size bristle brushes that have sharp pointed edges. For the most miniature detailed work, I like smooth, small, and round brushes.

                    5. Which is a better option, paint brush or a roller?

                    Ans - The question of choosing the best among a paint brush and a roller is decided based on two things, i.e., the type of paint & the surface of a painting. Paint brushes are best for accomplishing small paint job tasks. Rollers are best for large surfaces where you desire the even distribution of paint.