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Liquitex Basics Acrylic Paint - 946ml
Rs. 2,099.00
  • Introduction: Liquitex acrylic basics is a soft body and a non-toxic acrylic paint that is well known for keeping the texture of brush or knife strokes on the applied surface. Liquitex has been in existence since 1955. This is the first commercial water-based acrylic brand in the world. It is also the first paint ever that adopted the idea of easy-to-open modern laminate tubes. The immense popularity of the tube-based liquitex acrylic paint set has been due to its laminated layers. Metal tubes in general are easier to crack or erode. Here is when Liquitex acrylic paint tubes come to the rescue. There are a total of 7 airtight layers & they are made from metal, plastic, and paper.
  • Decorative Art: Liquitex acrylic paints are best used for creating large-scale & decorative art forms like furniture, murals, signs, etc due to their fast drying time.
  • Mixed Media: Liquitex acrylics are considered to be versatile that can be used in mixed media artworks where distinctive types of media combine like printmaking, paint, collage, etc. You can easily mix them with another medium to produce vibrant effects, & mesmerizing texture.
  • Fine Art: Liquitex acrylic paint sets are best used for the fine arts to create colourful, eye-catching & vibrant artworks like glazing, brushwork, layering, etc.
  • Craft Projects: Liquitex acrylic basics paint has top-notch quality & non-toxic properties making them ideal for children-friendly DIY craft projects at home like scrapbooking, home decor, card making, etc.
  • Illustration: Illustrators widely use the Liquitex acrylic paint sets for producing precise & multicoloured illustrations. You can use them for various techniques, such as dry brush, layering, glazing, etc.
  • Soft Body Acrylics: These acrylic colours are easy to blend, have low viscosity & heavy cream-like consistency. It's best used with fluid art techniques like acrylic paint pouring.
  • Acrylic Gouache: It possesses all the qualities of a traditional gouache along with the acrylic binder. This type provides a matt, flat & and opaque finish.
  • Acrylic Paint Markers: It has a free-flowing texture that allows us to paint with detailed accuracy as provided by a general pen.
  • High-Flow Acrylics & Acrylic Inks: They are the fluid acrylic colour created from pigments in a fluid acrylic emulsion. It is best for airbrushing & pouring artwork.
  • Brands of Liquitex Acrylic: Liquitex is the best brand that houses all types of acrylics for art enthusiasts. Liquitex Acrylic paint sets are a great value for money & are among the top choice of artists. They provide a smooth layered application with intense colouring outputs. This brand provides paint colour for beginners as well as professionals. Their Liquitex acrylic basics are meant for beginners who have started drawing and they are quite inexpensive. The artist grade liquitex acrylic paint set is meant for experienced artist professionals who are looking out for high-value colours. The Liquitex Acrylic brand has always been famous for providing bright colour, smooth consistency & for having fast drying time. These colours don't leave any false prints of their usage or streakiness. Their paint colours are mostly thick, and versatile and have a buttery texture that is easier to spread all across the surface effortlessly.


1. Are the Liquitex acrylic paint colours waterproof?

Ans - The Liquitex acrylic paint colours are water-resistant, stable & permanent after the application process is completed properly. As a result, you get the flexible & dry acrylic colour film after its evaporation.

2. What is the consistency of a Liquitex acrylic paint set?

Ans - The Liquitex acrylic paints have a high-end viscosity, satin finish, thickness & rich pigmentation. Due to this reason, these Liquitex brand acrylic colours are used by experienced art professionals for impasto & other soft body acrylic art techniques.

3. Is it possible to mix the Liquitex acrylics with water?

Ans - There is no restriction as such for adding water to the Liquitex acrylic paints. Although, you need to keep track of adding only a small quantity of water to the pouring medium for maintaining its original texture. Based on the quantity & quality of the paint, you can alter the amount of water in it.

4. Can we use the Liquitex acrylics on our face & body?

Ans - Liquitex acrylic basics paints are not manufactured with the idea of using them on our face & body. Although there are no serious repercussions of it, it's not advised to use them on your body. Choose skin application paints preferably to protect your skin from any unseen harm.

5. What is the shelf life of Liquitex acrylic paint colours?

Ans - The Liquitex acrylic paint colour sets can last for 5 years to 7 years. You need to make sure to take all the suggested precautions for its long life such as tight capping, safe from contaminants & store them wisely at room temperature.

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