Acrylic Painting Begginers Workshop

The workshop is designed for beginners as well as intermediate artist enthusiasts. It will be an in-depth workshop about the materials required to create beautiful acrylic paintings. Shweta Ektare, the artist will walk the participants through the variety of art materials, will provide knowledge so that they can make an informed decision while purchasing art products. She will also share her favorites from the list. At the end of the workshop, participants will be equipped with insights into acrylic painting materials and discount offers to purchase materials and painting courses.


Workshop date and time - 3 PM - 5PM , 25th Feb 2023

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About the Artist-

Shweta Ektare is a visual artist. Her work spans a motley range of media and themes reflecting her fascination with exploring the creation process, the interaction of colors, and the absence of colors. She has explored mediums and techniques such as palette knife art, charcoal, resin, oils, and finger painting. She has showcased her artworks in various prestigious galleries such as Art Entrance Gallery by Kala Ghoda Association, Raja Ravi Verma Art Gallery and participated in many national-level arts shows such as ChitraSanthe, Pune Art Festival, etc. Shweta has worked with many esteemed individuals and corporates like Conrad Hotels, Inscape, Alacrity India to name a few. She conducts art workshops in various cities so that she can ferry along as many folks as to embark on a colorful journey. She has completed more than 120 workshops and has taught more than 2500 students. Recently, she started conducting online workshops in order to spread her love for art without any boundary of physical distance.