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Top 5 Premium Stationary Brands - Never Miss Out On


Here are the Top 5 Premium Stationary Brands - Which you must Never Miss Out.

1. Winsor And Newton

It is one of the best brands serving its products worldwide. Winsor and Newton is an English manufacturing company London based. This company produces a large number of fine art products. It was established in 1832 in London, 190 years ago. Currently, this brand offers 96 colours.

Winsor and Newton is a perfect-quality paint brand. The acrylics are suitable for every surface. Several international artists appreciate this brand as this brand has been providing standard colours through the years. The products are available at Canvazo.

Winsor and Newton sell Acrylics, oils, watercolour, gouache, brushes, canvases, papers, inks, graphite and coloured pencils, markers, and charcoal.

2. Camel

Kokuyo Camlin LTD is also known as Camlin Ltd. It is an Indian multinational stationery manufacturing company with headquarters in Mumbai. This company was established in 1931, which is 91 years ago. The products are available in the whole of South Asia.

Camel artist watercolours are available in tubes. These colours are formulated using the best ingredients to ensure purity, transparency, and clarity to the maximum level. The products are excellent and give brilliant outcomes. The prices of these products are affordable for everyone. Camel sells crayons, colour pencils, art materials, writing implements, and office products.

3. Liquitex

Liquitex is a US company that produces art materials and mainly focuses on developing, manufacturing and distributing acrylic paints. This company was established in 1956. The company started selling water-based soft-body and heavy-body acrylic paints available with a thick consistency. This company has the most significant turnover of acrylic paints worldwide.

Liquitex is among the best brands for students and artists needing quality paints. All the Liquitex colours use the highest quality pigments. The advantages of this brand are all primary colours are included, medium viscosity and high pigment quality, and the colours are suitable for multiple surfaces.

Liquitex sells acrylic paints, which include all the colours required in a painting.

4. Anupam

Anupam Stationery provides the highest quality materials. It offers the best value when it comes to high-quality material. This company believes in top-quality products. Hence, all the products of this company are top-notch and excellent. You will get all the stationery items at Canvazo.

Anupam produces Arts and crafts, drawing books, loose sheets packs, hardcovers, canvas, art boards, exam boards, jotting pads, notebooks, diaries, and other utility and account-keeping products.

5. Fevicryl

Fevicryl was established in 1989 and transformed the fabric and multi-surface colour market. This is one of the best brands to consider while painting. Fevicryl colours are used on textiles and other materials like silk and cotton. These colours are specially made for hobby painting. It is best on fabric, canvas, and wood.

Fevicryl colours are fast-drying and water-soluble and become water-resistant when dried up. It is available in different shades and sizes. Fevicryl products are ready to use and do not require any special additives. The benefits one will get are vibrant colours, multi-surface usage, non-toxic and safe, and friendly for beginners.

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